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10 Most hated celebrities

You want to punch them right in the face

Here is the list of most hated celebrities on the planet right now.

10. John mayer

“Recovering egomaniac”

Source: John Mayer by a/JD Lasica – under CCL

9. Bill Cosby

We all remember him from “The Bill Cosby Show”. After the truth was discovered about him, we were all shocked. He had spent years drugging and assaulting dozens of women throught his entire career.

Source: The World Affairs Council and Girard College present Bill Cosby

8. Donal Trump

Not everyone feel¬† the same about this one, but we’re sure most of population will agree on this with us. His arrogant behavior, disgruntled temper, tweets, everything…

Source: Donald Trump by a/ IIP Photo Archive – under CCL

7. Kristen Stewart

Nobody likes her because of Twilight franchise, simple as that.

Source: Kristen Stewart by a/Gage Skidmore – under CCL

6. Miley Cyrus

She worked her “star” way up the Disney ladder thanks to her father and her awkward voice. After reaching a certain age, she started to act like a complete psycho in order to gather attenton.

Source: Orlando – Miley Cyrus by a/Jared – under CCL

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