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Biggest pet cats ever

Source: Huge friendly cat by John Benson - under CCL

The next best thing about having a cat is having a huge cat! They’re like our own house predator, except that they love you and play with you instead of eating you.

So, which are the largest Domestic Cats? The Siberian can reach up to 27 pounds, while the Maine Coon is known more for fluff and the length of his long, poofy tail. But there’s a wide range of big cat breeds that tend to come in on the larger side.

So the breed doesn’t really count, we love them all!

1. Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian Forest Cat


2. Lupo is one huge cat, right?


3. Maine Coon,  named Beowulf

My Majestic Maine Coon, Beowulf

4. Well, you need to be very strong to lift this cat right?

Source: Imgur

5. No problem with high shelfs 😉 😉


6. So big, but so cute!

FORS by Домнин Игорь on


7. Meet Pickles, the three-foot rescue cat weighing 21 pounds who doesn’t realize his own size

Source: Dailymail

8. Main Coon, how much food these big cats need?

Zahzu the Maine Coon

9. Fox or cat? Who is faster and bigger?

Source: DailyMail

10. Magnificant animals!

Norwegian Forest Cats from r/pics

11. Because of a long hair cat looks even bigger!

Hi Reddit, I’m a Norwegian Forest Cat. How do you do?

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