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Life before and after smartphones

Remember that time that you need to go inside the house and call your friend from a stationary phone? And if your friend wasn’t in the house he didn’t hear the ringing? And if you want to talk to him, you sit on your bike and went to his house, right?


People forgot how to have fun! We have some facts about how it looks like before and after smartphones.

Maybe if you look at this picture you will remember the good old times.


Sad, but it’s true

Before and After Smartphones


Look around, everyone is on their smartphones




People don’t even notice what happens around them.



Vacations photo before and after smartphones

Photo Credit: unknown


That’s so funny! And everyone has the same pattern!

Source: Renn


The decision is too hard, help the man or take a great photo for social media and get lots of engagement?


The modern wedding cake



Dinner conversations are out



Smartphones change everything, even heaven!



If you are addicted to your phone then this is a great idea to help yourself!

Source: Liam Walsh


We just see other people


Remember that feeling when you went on holiday and if you want to send Hello to your friends, and you have to go to the post office for buying a card and a stamp? We always pick that card on which your friend could see where you are. Remember that great feeling when you get a card from your friend? Amazing memories right?

Now, this little thing doesn’t mean anything anymore. We can talk to our friends all the time, no matter where we are. And even when we are in the company of our friends, we still looking and searching for something on our smartphone, right?


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