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Weird Hobbies Ever

Everyone has different hobbies, right? We can make, collect, learn and so much more. We have hobbies for different reasons. Some need to relax, or to belong, someone found their thing, and someone just had to because of tradition.

Some people like to dress up as anime characters while others collect coins. Some think a little bit outside the box and take up hobbies you might not even know existed. Here is a list of the most unusual hobbies we found:


1.News Raiding


News raiding is the hobby of getting yourself in the background of news reports in your city. Basically, you see a camera and you make sure that you are in the shot even if it is just for a few seconds before moving on. There are some people who will stand there for the duration and indeed if there are different news crews at the one place will stand behind all of them just to get on television.

2. Extreme Ironing

Yes, it’s a competitive sport, also known as “EI”.  Extreme ironing consists of ironing clothing in different, usually extreme, situations like while rock climbing, surfing, on a kayak…
Source: Wikipedia by Theredrocket under CC BY-SA 3.0


3.Tree Shaping

It’s a very cool hobby in which you train living trees and other woody plants into artistic shapes or useful structures. Think about growing your own chair! It might take a while though.

Source Wikipedia by Blackash under CCA 3.0


4.Beetle fighting

Choose different types of beetles to fight against each other. Beetle fighting enthusiasts sometimes breed different species of beetles for fighting. You can find videos about it online, but while some might find it interesting, others may think it’s a bit gross!


5. Stone Skipping

Yes, it’s exactly that. You take a nice oval stone and you try to make it bounce on water as many times as possible. The current record holder managed a 51 bounce throw.



6.Competitive duck herding


Yes, competitive duck herding is a hobby. You learn to herd duck like you would sheep. Apparently, it has become popular for corporate days out… at least according to this article.




7. Toy Voyaging

Do you have a toy that needs a vacation? Well, by registering at, you can find your toy a host from around the world, or offer to host someone else’s toy. So basically, you register on the site, get a toy voyager ID, create a travel log and profile for your traveling toy, and send it packing! You can also include Life Missions for your toy, where you tell potential hosts what your toy wants to do while visiting. Hosts and owners update the travel log and add pictures.


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