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When Boyfriends And Husbands Made Sure Their Relationship Is Never Boring


1. He loves his wife so much! Nice!

My wife is smokin’ hot so I picked the shower curtain. from r/funny

2. LOL!!! Can you play tennis with frying pan?

3. You just need to try this prank 😉 Let’s be annoying!

My husband has been sticking these in places I can’t reach to annoy me. It’s working. from r/mildlyinfuriating

4. Don’t worry, it’s just photoshop! But when his wife got this photo, she had to have a heart attack!!!! 🙂 🙂

My wife took the toddler and left me with the baby yesterday morning. She’s a worrywart and I love photoshop. Lesson learned; don’t reply with just a photoshopped picture when she asks how things are going with the baby from r/funny

5. He is one funny husband! And he’s done everything that she asks for!

Just doing what my wife asked from r/MaliciousCompliance

6. Just one job to do…

Wife gave me one job to do for the day……get the dogs tag engraved from r/funny


7. Not a heart, not even close!! 🙂 🙂

Styling done right…


8. Kittiana Jones! We actually like this piece of art!!!!

Being the girlfriend, I was given the job to decorate our new home. Yesterday, my boyfriend said he wanted to pick just ONE piece of decor out. I was impressed he actually wanted to be involved! Next day, he walks in smiling, and introduced me to Kittiana Jones.. This is why I’m the chosen one… from r/funny

9. He just took a bad! Nice one!

This is what happens when you leave your BF alone for 5 mins… from r/funny


10. At least he brought the shower curtain. Who cares what her mom thinks

Girlfriend said “go get a new shower curtain before my mom arrives.” I think this is fair. from r/funny

11. She needs to be more accurate

Asked my husband to put the pillowcases on the pillows. from r/MaliciousCompliance


12. She said: no cheap flamingo! Well…

Wife said “no cheap flamingo in my yard” 1 month and counting. from r/funny


13. This was the only thing that he was interested in, right? 🙂

Went to a ride through “safari”. I took at least 200 pics. This is the only pic my husband took. from r/funny


14. He is one funny husband! We wonder if she is a beautiful butterfly now!

Hopefully my wife turns into a beautiful butterfly finally.. from r/funny


15. Spider on the toilet paper. He is a real artist, right?


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I heard a scream and “I hate you!” from the bathroom. #WifePranks

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